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+COMMISH+ Simple joy by pokeinuyasha
All I got is insane by pokeinuyasha
+COMMISH+ With you by pokeinuyasha
+COMMISH+ Mel by pokeinuyasha
I'm selling several styles of drawings; prices ranging from U$2 to U$15 !




Why I'm asking for commissions ~

On Facebook, in Portuguese / No Facebook, em português:…

Yup, I’m finally opening up commissions! Thing is, my mom and I are in a bit of a financial pinch right now, and we’re in need of extra money. Since I don’t hold a job, I’m not much of a financial help here at home, so the least I can do is use my talent to help my mom, or at least to buy my own stuff so she won’t have to spend money with my wants. So please, at least consider what I have to offer here; I’d be eternally grateful if you did <3 Also, if you wish advertising my commissions, I'd be very grateful as well x3




:bulletorange: I won’t draw any explicitly sexual content. ‘Fetishes’ such as vore, inflation etc. also count, even if they aren’t explicit.

:bulletorange: My especiality is drawing canines, felines and dragons, but I can draw other animals and fantasy creatures as well. Anthros and humans are more difficult for me to draw and I’m still learning their proper anatomy, but I can still draw them, unless you order something too dynamic or complex.

:bulletorange: If I think I won’t be able to draw what you want me to draw, I’ll tell you so and we might have to adjust the terms of the commission accordingly to what I believe my current skills will allow me to make.

:bulletorange: Please, try to be patient with me and avoid setting up deadlines for me unless you really, really need the drawing done in a certain time, like a birthday gift for someone. I promise I’ll try to deliver your commission as soon as I can! If for some reason the work is going to be delayed, I’ll be sure to keep you informed.

:bulletorange: Don’t work out the commission details over comments; send me a Note so we can discuss the details of the order. If you wish, we can also speak through e-mail.

:bulletorange: After the order is made, I’ll draw what you ask me to, but will only post your order after the payment is followed through. Basically: you order, I draw, you pay, I post your order. You need a Paypal account to do so, though.

:bulletorange: After I post your drawing, you can ask me to correct any details you feel I have overlooked or pictured incorrectly. However, I will not refund you if you don’t like the overall result of your order.

:bulletorange: My traditional pictures are done with Faber-Castell Watercolor pencils, an ink pen and a mechanical pencil; my digital art is done with Paint Tool SAI and a Genius tablet.

:bulletorange: If you don’t have refs at your disposal, be sure to describe the character to me in the highest level of detail you can.

:bulletorange: Slots are first come, first serve.

:bulletorange: In case you have any question, tell me over comments or over a Note. I promise I won’t bite! 8P




:bulletorange: Headshot sketches {U$ 2}


          :bulletyellow:Digital: Headshot Sketch by pokeinuyasha


:bulletorange: B&W shaded headshot {U$ 4}

          :bulletyellow:Traditional: BW HEADSHOT corrig by pokeinuyasha

          :bulletyellow:Digital: Bw Headshot by pokeinuyasha


:bulletorange: Colored flat headshot {U$ 3}


          :bulletyellow:Digital: Colored Headshot Unshaded by pokeinuyasha


:bulletorange: Colored shaded headshot {U$ 5}


          :bulletyellow:Digital: Colored Headshot Shaded by pokeinuyasha


:bulletorange: Full body sketches {U$ 4}




:bulletorange: B&W shaded full body {U$ 7}




:bulletorange: Colored flat full body {U$ 5}




:bulletorange: Colored shaded full body {U$ 8}

          :bulletyellow:Traditional: Fullbody Colored Shaded1 by pokeinuyasha  Fullbody Colored Shaded2 by pokeinuyasha  +COMMISH+ Mel by pokeinuyasha



:bulletorange: Full picture {U$ 15}

          :bulletyellow:Traditional:  Free to soar by pokeinuyasha  Building passion by pokeinuyasha

          :bulletyellow:Digital: +COMMISH+ With you by pokeinuyasha   +COMMISH+ Simple joy by pokeinuyasha   AWWWWWW YISSSSSSS by pokeinuyasha +COMMISH+ Warrior by pokeinuyasha


  :bulletred: Adding a simple background to your picture costs an extra U$ 2, unless it's a full picture, where the background is free of charges. Adding an extra character will count as two drawings: for example, if you order a colored full body sketch with two characters in it, I shall charge U$10 instead of U$ 5. In the case of full pictures, the price will remain the same up to five characters; after that, I will charge an extra U$ 2 for each new character added. 



1st: TAKEN by :iconazon-corazanna:

2nd: TAKEN by Aline {no dA}

3rd: TAKEN by Mariana {no dA}

4th: ---

5th: ---


Aaanyway, that’s pretty much it! If you have any suggestions or feedback, do speak your mind; I’m always open for critique, both on my art and on my commission rules and prices!

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+COMMISH+ Calming morning by pokeinuyasha
+COMMISH+ Calming morning

I accept critique and feedback on this work!


Commission for :iconmike-dragon:! :'D This here is his own pony, Silvertrot, reading a book and drinking some apple juice peacefullly! I'm not sure how I feel about this piece, but as long as Mike likes it XD

Thanks for my handsome and wonderful boyfriend :iconrogerthat64: for helping me come up with the name for the book XD Whoever can get where the title comes from gets a virtual cookie

Silvertrot (c) :iconmike-dragon:
Pinkie Pie (c) Lauren Faust
+COMMISH+ Warrior by pokeinuyasha
+COMMISH+ Warrior

I accept and encourage critique on this artwork!

pssst, download for details!

First commission is for :iconclazzeh: ! Of his Darksouls character as a Western dragon :3 Hope ya like it, Claz! If ya need anything fixed, let me know o3o
PS: Sorry, I'm no expert at drawing sword blades <XD

Drawn in Paint Tool SAI


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hai thar! I'm pokeinuyasha, but I prefer to be called Pokeinny, or Inny for short. I'm also known as Blondefang by some people. My fursona is Pokeinny, that Pikachu-like canine depicted in my ID. I'm 19 years old.

I'unno, there isn't much about me to tell XD I guess you're gonna have to figure out the rest yourself!

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